Forms You Can Download

Claim Forms

Claim Form

Art and Collectables - Proposal Forms

Artinsure Proposal Antique Dealer

Artinsure Proposal Art Exhibitions

Artinsure Proposal Auctioneer

Artinsure Proposal Corporate Collector

Artinsure Proposal Fine Art Dealer

Artinsure Proposal Museums

Artinsure Proposal Private Collector

Art and Collectables - Policy Wordings

Artinsure Antique Dealer Policy Wording

Artinsure Auctioneer Policy Wording

Artinsure Corporate Collector Policy Wording

Artinsure Fine Art Dealer Policy Wording

Artinsure Fine Art Exhibitions Policy Wording

Artinsure Private Collector Policy Wording

Artinsure Museum Policy Wording

Leisure and Entertainment - Proposal Forms

Artinsure Proposal Enthusiast Photographer

Artinsure Proposal Professional Photographer

Leisure and Entertainment - Policy Wordings

Artinsure Enthusiast Photographer Policy Wording

Artinsure Professional Photographer and Videographer Policy Wording

Agency Application Forms

Artinsure Agency Application Form

Artinsure Confirmation of PI Form

Artinsure Sub-Agency Agreement

Artinsure Training Questionnaire

Debit Order Form

Debit Order Form

Valuers Panel

please request from Artinsure office  

Other Documents

Artinsure Promotion of Access to Information Manual

Annexure A for PAIA

Art and Collectables - Brochure

Photography - Brochure

Complaints Form

Conflict of Interest and Insider Trading Policy

The FAIS Complaint Procedures

Section 13 Certificate - Gordon Massie

Section 13 Certificate - Gail Bosch

Section 13 Certificate - Nirvana Kistan

Section 13 Certificate - Chelene Kingsley-Wilkins

Section 13 Certificate - Alain Clark-Miller

Section 13 Certificate - Yaseen Ismail


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